Clyde and Ruena Engagement Session

Engagement / Wedding

Photos: Paopao Sanchez

Stylist | Set design: Geof Lagria

Gown (Blue/Pink): Philipp Tampus

HMUA: Jay Failanga

“Good news! The sun is already peeking through the clouds today. We may not feel its gentle warmth all throughout, but it is already something that we can be thankful for. And to shower you even more with little blessings, here is a new engagement feature that will surely brighten up your day. Let us take a glimpse into the shoot of Clyde and Ruena.

Satiate our minds and feast our eyes with these divinely captured photos by Paopao Sanchez. And what’s more endearing to rummage through these, is the fact that it was styled by Geof Lagria. It’s clean and neat. Every photo will definitely make you blush.” – Merry to Marry

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